Keystone Financial Group, Inc.

After more than fifteen years of being a part of the Alabama Financial Center, my practice moved to Trussville, Alabama in July of 2006, and became known as the Keystone Financial Group, Inc. Virtually every aspect of my relationship with The UNIFI Companies, and with Ameritas Investment Corp., remains intact. The physical address of my office, telephone numbers, and email addresses are all that has changed as part of this move. Services of the Keystone Financial Group, Inc. are provided by David R. Guttery, and also through a resource network of other professionals. The resource network is comprised of independent professionals, each having a distinctive competency in a financial field. I routinely work with these and other professionals, as unique financial strategies are developed to meet the needs of my clients. I also work along side other financial professionals with whom my clients may already have an established relationship. When no such relationships exist, clients are encouraged to make inquiries of multiple professionals that might provide a given service. Ultimately, that choice should be made by the client, as a function of competency, trust, and comfort. Additional information about the composition of the resource network, is contained within the brochure linked below.

Keystone Financial Professional Resources Group